When the high school was founded, the Diocese mentioned the importance of founding a boarding school for the students who want to be educated in the religious spirit. The project was supported by  Msgr.Reizer Pál (1990-2002) bishop of Satu Mare.  The building was finished after 4 years (1996-2000), but only in 1998 the first wing of the building was in use. From 1999 the accomodation capacity of the boarding school is of 120 students (60 girls- 60 boys). All activities within the boarding school are coordinated by the school principal and the spiritual priest.  The interest shown by parents emphasizes the necessity of the boarding school.

 The „Szent Alajos” boarding school is the place where a lot of artistic and cultural programs are organized every year(Freshman prom, Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas, Carnival, Senior prom,etc.). During Lent are organized spiritual days for each class, and in December 8, teachers and students participate together to a spiritual day.

Moreover, we organize various events to spend the free time: table tennis, chess, pool game. Music lovers have the chance to listen to their favourite songs and to play different games in the club set up for this type of programs.

Sport passionates can train on proper sports field near the boarding school. Students can  read compulsory literature  and other interesting books in the library. The Chapel is the place where teachers and students pray to God and find peace. The boarding school provides food and accomodation to all students and more than that it is a place where students live in a safe and comfortable environment. We help our students to prepare for their future life and to proudly represent our school.